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Company Services

Ambition Worldwide

Target Service 1

Target Services 2

Target Audience and Expectations

1. CV, cover letter, reference list development. 2. Virtual Career training: Cyber Security,  Customer Service, Recruiter, Sales/Marketing and additional careers.  3. Job placement assistance 4. Job readiness and job training. 5. Mock Interview and Work adjustment training. 6. Overseas American/Canadian educational and job placement assistance

7. Tangible office management skills building: Microsoft office, Google Suite and Project management 8. Remote Jobs, Freelancer and Contractor jobs 9. Intake, Vocational Assessments and Career counseling 10. Workplace accommodations/disability management 11. Financial literacy 12. Soft skills development 

People we serve: vocational training & College students, college and vocational graduates. Adult career changers and people with disabilities/senior citizens. People that we look 2 partner with are: vocational training programs, university/colleges, NGO, individual adult career changer companies and corporations.) ( Results Placement: Job training, job placement and placement in school.)


JCJ Ambition Enterprises provides colleges with career services, NGO/Non-profit social service agencies with vocational rehabilitation and companies with recruiting/staffing services. Our specialization includes teaching potential job seekers  soft skills and providing them with services such as assessments, counseling, work accommodation, and diagnosis for functional compatibility. Our market services also include developing relationships with local colleges, government, companies and NGO agencies. We also work independently and assist clients with recruiting and career development. Our services are highlighted below: 

College Career Development 

College career guidance & career exploration

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Business development

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