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 Ambition Worldwide is an international company that develops contracts with colleges in Africa and Guyana to expand career services departments. We  provide job placement assistance/job readiness and recruiting for  companies that want to hire African and Guyanese nationals. We are operating a valuable business that will serve  the East Africa and Guyana areas with career services and vocational rehabilitation.  Our career development program also allows the population to participate in vocational assessments, counseling, career exploration, career guidance, and business development. Offering nationals, and more importantly, future college graduates opportunities to develop the economy. The vocational rehabilitation sector of this company will provide therapeutic counseling and assistance for people with disabilities in becoming functional members of society. JCJ Ambition Enterprise will also assist people with disabilities in adjusting to the workplace and contributing to society as valued in the western world for a greater society. The importance and uniqueness of this company is the value that it brings to society in serving college graduates, the underprivileged from nonprofit organizations, international companies, colleges, and the government.



Our business objective at  Ambition Worldwide is to develop relationships and contracts with local colleges, NGO agencies and government . 
We work independently and assist clients with job readiness, recruiting and placement.

business objective

These aims and objectives provide the basic principles and guidelines by which we conduct our business.

  •  To mold a better society through selfless, active and passionate services.

  • To achieve corporate growth at a pace significantly faster in subsequent years.

  • To become the preferred career service and business coaching company to assist college students and graduates.

  • To secure multiple contracts and partnerships

  •  To achieve the  recruiting/staffing goals, and to employ people of significantly higher than average capacity, who are willing to devote their energies toward building our business partners companies.

  • To create an environment, both physical and mental, in which disabled employees are enabled, encouraged and stimulated to perform at their highest potential of output in creativity and to attain the greatest possible level of job satisfaction.

  • To help fill the vacuum in most of the African/Guyanese colleges with no strong career services departments within the colleges

  •  To be a life-changer for people with disabilities in Africa and Guyana           

  •  To build a business where clients have confidence and trust in our services.

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Our mission at Ambition Worldwide is to put into optimal use, the experience of over 15 years possessed by the owner and President as a professional in the career services and vocational rehabilitation industry to assist college graduates, unemployed nationals and people with disabilities to obtain employment. This company will also offer huge support to colleges that do not have strong career services departments, staffing/recruiting for companies and career counseling for people with disabilities within NGO.

Vision: We envision to make the company grow as a vocational rehabilitation and recruiting staple within African and Guyana regions.


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